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NOTE! Due to the SARS-CoV2 pandemic, the organisation rules and prices of Health Resort stays have changed. More information: zdrowie@kopalnia.pl, phone +48 12 278 75 12 or +48 12 278 75 04

1–3 day stays

The unique salt microclimate alleviates the symptoms of allergic diseases and helps to deal with respiratory problems and persistent infections in adults and children.

  • Health Day

    Imagine you have one day all to yourself... You leave problems somewhere far away, relax, calm yourself.. You feel the flow of positive energy! Health Day is a time for you to spend in the unique space of the Wieliczka Mine, 135 metres underground.

  • Healthy Sleep

    According to a dream dictionary, when you dream of a mine, you will discover great power and extraordinary resources within yourself. But you don't have to believe in dreams to discover the power of deep relaxation in an underground mine. Relax and rest in a unique salt microclimate. 


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The “Wieliczka” Salt Mine Health Resort is much more

A broad offer of treatment stays - from one-day to long term.

Take a break, get some rest and take care of your health.
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