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Choose what you like!

Would you like to take a walk among the salt works of art? Do you want to get to know the dazzling face of the Mine? Choose the Tourist Route! Do you prefer to wander the dark corners of the underground world? Become a miner and set out on the Miners’ Route!

Tourist Route
See the treasures of the underworld
Miners’ Route
Feel the atmosphere of the Mine

They’re amazing and completely different. I recommend you see both!

Andrzej from Warsaw

Do you want to see more and pay less? Take advantage of our special offers!

  • Touring the Mine and hotel accommodation

    • Accommodation at the Grand Sal**** Hotel
    • Breakfast at the hotel restaurant
    • Touring the Tourist Route
    • Relaxing sauna

    from 319 PLN / person

  • Cheaper tickets to the Graduation Tower

    • For those who bought a ticket for the Tourist Route or Miners’ Route on the same day.

    Price: 6 PLN / standard ticket


About the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine

Why should you visit the Mine at least once in your life?

Check it out
0 centuries
of rich history
about 0 km
of hollowed out corridors
0 million
tourists have explored the mysteries of Wieliczka

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