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For your safety and due to the exceptional nature of the offer, the Miners’ Route remains closed.

Miners’ Route The “Wieliczka” Salt Mine

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Closed today

The Miners’ Route is more than a sightseeing tour!

It’s a big, engaging adventure. The group of tourists will transform into apprentice miners, learning the underground trade in practice! Are you ready for the challenge?

On the Miners’ Route:

  • The group will explore atmospheric chambers in which darkness is illuminated only by mining lamps.

  • A lot of work awaits the group, during one shift there will be, among others, measurement of methane concentration, weaving of ropes, efficient use of the map, as well as a saw and shovel.

  • As a reward, each member of the group will receive a commemorative certificate confirming that they have taken their first steps in the mining profession.

Miners’ Route by the numbers:

3 h
approximate duration of the expedition
the temperature underground
1,9 km
route length
101 m
maximum depth on the trail

The Route in the structure of the Mine:

Regis Shaft
The lift descends to the Mine to level I (57 m)                                                       The return to the surface is by lift from Level IIn (101 m)

  • Level I, approx. 57 m
  • Level IIn, approx. 101 m

Ways of visiting the Miners’ Route

  • Individual tourist

    You take part in the tour in the company of other individual tourists, the Mine is responsible for assembling a group.

  • Organised group

    You are a member of a large group and are planning to go on the tour together. You are a tour operator.

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