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The “Wieliczka” Salt Mine

Miners’ Route

The Miners’ Route is more than a sightseeing tour!

It’s a big, engaging adventure. The group of tourists will transform into apprentice miners, learning the underground trade in practice! Are you ready for the challenge?

On the Miners’ Route:

  • The group will explore atmospheric chambers in which darkness is illuminated only by mining lamps.

  • A lot of work awaits the group, during one shift there will be, among others, testing the air in the mine, weaving of ropes, efficient use of the map, as well as a saw and shovel.

  • As a reward, each member of the group will receive a commemorative certificate confirming that they have taken their first steps in the mining profession.

Miners’ Route by the numbers:

3 h
approximate duration of the expedition
the temperature underground
1,9 km
route length
101 m
maximum depth on the trail

The Route in the structure of the Mine: