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Health Day

Feel the flow of positive energy during your visit to the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine Health Resort. Health Day is a one-day subterraneotherapy – an innovative method of treatment of various respiratory system ailments.

The programme includes:

  • A 2,5-hour underground Health Resort visit, in daytime mode.
  • Participation in breathing exercises.
  • Participation in improvement exercises with elements of aerobics.
  • Access to rehabilitation equipment such as bicycles, elliptical trainers, stepper, fitness station and treadmill.
  • Medical personnel care: doctor, nurse, physiotherapist.

Good to know:

  • The descent takes place via the Regis Shaft. The distance from the Regis Shaft on Level III to the Health Resort chambers is approximately 700 metres.
  • The Health Day offer may be purchased for 1–3 days without the need for a medical examination.
  • Longer stays require important tests. Detailed information about 4–21-day stays can be found here.
  • Descents are possible from Monday to Friday, after prior arrangement of the date of the visit to the Health Resort.
  • Please wear comfortable shoes and clothing according to the conditions Health Resort. The temperature in the treatment chambers is 13–14.5ºC.
  • It is a good idea to bring a cup, coffee or tea, a plate, cutlery and something to eat with you. It is not possible to buy drinks and snacks on the spot. Patients can use a kettle.
  • Smoking of tobacco and e-cigarettes, consumption of alcohol and the use of electric torches is prohibited underground.
  • By deciding to accept the offer, you declare that you have become acquainted with the contraindications to stay in the salt workings of the Mine.
  • You can adjust the form and length of stay in the Health Resort. Choose a 2,5-hour stay in the treatment chamber and enjoy a 20% discount. Please contact the Health Resort Sales Department, our staff will prepare an offer tailored to your individual needs.

A broad offer of treatment stays - from one-day to long term.

Take a break, get some rest and take care of your health.

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