Logotyp Kopalni Soli 'Wieliczka'

A Mine of emotions, experiences, memories!

For young and old. With friends or in a group of pilgrims. Relaxing or exciting. The “Wieliczka” Salt Mine offers something for everyone.





“Wieliczka” Salt Mine. Welcome to the Mine of Mysteries!

Are you interested in a magical journey through the labyrinth of salt corridors? Follow the classic Tourist Route, which has been unfailingly popular for years.

Or maybe you’re looking for an engaging adventure? Touring Miners’ Route is a challenge!

If you want to learn more about the sacred side of the Mine and spend time underground for focus and prayer, travel along the underground Pilgrims’ Route with a group of pilgrims.

About the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine

Why should you visit the Mine at least once in your life?

Check it out
7 centuries
of rich history
about 245 km
of hollowed out corridors
45 million
tourists have explored the mysteries of Wieliczka

Knowledge Mine

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