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Taste, smell, appearance and presentation – all details are important and influence the impressions of the participants. That is why we make every effort to meet the high expectations of our customers.

Masterful cuisine underground…

Deep underground you can find a truly top of the line menu. It is here that you can experience the true flavour of the Mine.

Regardless of whether you want a coffee break or an exquisite ball for several hundred people with a specially dedicated menu, we guarantee an unforgettable culinary experience. The Mine’s culinary tradition has been appreciated by many influential figures in the world of politics and culture.

The salt chambers have catering facilities, and our cooks prepare meals on site, only with fresh products.

...and on the surface, the kitchen of the masters!

Original dishes, always seasoned with the purest Wieliczka salt – the restaurant at the Grand Sal Hotel**** invites you to a wonderful journey through the flavours of the whole world.

You can order a unique menu for each event, tailored to your needs and expectations. Excellent cuisine and competent service ensure that the events organised at the Grand Sal Hotel**** remain a fond and pleasant memory.

The depth of flavour

Ask for products that are made in the salt underground!

Thanks to the secret recipes, careful selection of ingredients, long ageing time and unique microclimate, the Mine creates products with a unique taste and aroma. 

Tinctures can be served as an aperitif before the event or after dessert, while the sirloin is worth ordering as a carpaccio, served as an appetiser.

Aged beef sirloin

A product created at level III of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine exclusively from fresh, highest-quality beef sirloin. The sirloin is covered with original Wieliczka salt and matures for a few days. Then it undergoes a long drying process in the specific microclimate of the Wieliczka underground. It is carefully inspected and checked for unique taste and extraordinary tenderness.

Raspberry tincture with a hint of lavender

Tincture prepared and aged for 6 months in the underground of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine. Fresh, juicy raspberries macerated in high quality, crystal clear spirit, seasoned with aromatic multi-flower honey from Polish meadows and lavender flowers bathed in the sun, make the tincture tempting with its unique taste and wonderful colour.

Smoked plum liqueur

Tincture prepared on the basis of suska sechlońska smoked plums – a regional product of Małopolska with a protected geographical indication. Suska sechlońska is a special species of zwetschge plums, dried and flavoured with artificial smoke. The rich aroma they contain, combined with 12 months of ageing in the unique microclimate of the Wieliczka mine, gives the tincture a unique taste, aroma and beautiful amber colour.

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