The “God Bless” Pilgrims’ Route The “Wieliczka” Salt Mine

Visiting hours

The route is open from 08:00 am. to 06:00 pm, during reservation, you select a convenient time and date of the tour.

Ticket prices

Price starting at 122 PLN / person

The deep faith of miners

Time to set out on a trip along the religious route of the Wieliczka Mine.
Here, faith gives you strength for every step.
You will see sacral sculptures carved in salt, unique views,
beautiful chambers, and among them the most magnificent – St Kinga’s Chapel.

On the “God Bless” Pilgrims’ Route:

  • Underground, there are places of worship that have been created over the centuries from the great need of the heart. Places where prayers were quietly recited and places where religious celebrations are still being held.

  • A mass celebrated in an underground chapel can be a deep spiritual experience and a kind of culmination to the journey.

The Pilgrims’ Route by the numbers:

2,5 h
approximate duration of the tour
17-18 ºC
the temperature underground
ar. 2,5 km
route length
135 m
the depth the group will reach