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Welcome to the Mine of Mysteries!

About the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine

See the priceless monument of world material culture, entered in 1978 on the First UNESCO World Heritage List.

Did you know that the mine is so huge that you can visit only 2% of the salt labyrinth?

Tourist Route
Miners’ Route

The Mine in numbers:

245 km
327 m
deepest point

More about the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine

  • History of the Mine

    The history of Wieliczka dates back to the Middle Ages, when it was proudly named the Magnum Sal – the Great Salt. In the 13th century it was known as the largest source of salt in Poland, and over the years it became crucial for the country’s economy.

  • Geology of the Mine

    The picturesque underground landscapes owe their beauty to nature, which sculpted the rocks in unusual, varied and complicated forms. Did you know that the Wieliczka Salt Mine has a unique geological structure, not found anywhere else in the world?


The Mine underground

  • Endless corridors

    Deep underground, there is a salt labyrinth! If you don’t know the way, you could easily get lost forever... The underground is measured and described by creating underground maps so you can always find the way in this endless maze of drifts, crosscuts and ramps.

  • Chambers – spaces hollowed out in salt rock

    Deep underground, you can admire the unusual salt landscapes, the impressive size of the workings, salt rocks of various kinds, salt lakes and works of art created by sculptor miners.... There are more than 2,000 chambers in the Mine, but you won’t find two identical ones!

  • Hidden from human sight The Crystal Grottoes

    The breath-taking Crystal Grottoes are a priceless natural object of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine deposit, unique on a global scale. It is at the same time a fairy tale and extremely fragile place.

  • Mining sites

    Every day, several hundred miners work hard underground and on the surface to ensure that the huge salt labyrinth survives the centuries to come and continues to enthrall visitors from all over the world. New attractions for visitors are also constantly being created.


The Mine on the surface

  • Saltworks

    It is said that fresh water is the source of life. That’s true, but... not in the underground spaces of the Mine. In the land of salt, fresh water is a dangerous element and a powerful force that must be constantly controlled. Directing water to the saltworks is one way.

  • Lamp room

    Deep underground, in corridors where tourists do not wander, the whole mine is shrouded in darkness. Miners wander through dark corridors, illuminating their way with the light of lamps. Where do they get the lamps from? From the lamp room, of course.
    This is where they are stored, repaired and maintained!

  • Pithead Waiting Room

    Look up! There are trousers, shirts and shoes hanging high up under the ceiling. Miners’ clothes are hung on chains, the chains are attached to hooks, and all of this six meters above the ground. Do you know what this place is? Yes, it’s a mining locker room! But why does it look like that?


See what’s waiting for you underground

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