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Healthy Sleep

Healthy sleep in a microclimate devoid of allergens and rich in micro-elements brings relief to allergy sufferers and improves the body’s immunity. The silence and tranquillity that can be found over a hundred meters below the surface of the earth provide an incredible mental and physical rest. They guarantee one-of-a-kind, fairy-tale dreams.

We especially look forward to seeing parents with children over 4 years old. Overnight stays underground will help to deal with recurring infections and will also be a great attraction for the kids.

The programme includes:

  • A twelve-hour underground Health Resort visit, in overnight mode.


Good to know:

  • Participants assembly – 7:10 p.m. at the Regis shaft (entrance from the fountain side). Return to the surface – 7:25 a.m.
  • The overnight stay takes place in the Eastern Mountain Stables Chamber, at a depth of 135 metres. Distance to the Eastern Mountains Stables Chamber from the Regis Shaft pit – approx. 700 m.
  • Available places – 28 (14 double boxes, single beds).
  • The overnight stay is available to visitors aged 4 years or older. Children stay only under the supervision of an adult caretaker, who also buys the accommodation underground.
  • The temperature in the chambers of the Health Resort is 13–14.5°C. Please bring your warm, comfortable sports clothing and full coverage footwear with you for the walk and lightweight sports footwear to change into. We recommend bringing your own provisions.
  • Prior accommodation reservation is required – payment of the deposit is confirmation of the reservation. The offer is non-refundable.
  • The Health Resort reserves the right to change the booking date or cancel it for reasons beyond our control. The deposit is then returned.
  • Smoking of tobacco and e-cigarettes, consumption of alcohol and the use of electric torches is prohibited underground.
  • By deciding to accept the offer you declare that you have become acquainted with the contraindications to stay in the salt workings of the Mine.

A broad offer of treatment stays - from one-day to long term.

Take a break, get some rest and take care of your health.

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