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NOTE! Due to the SARS-CoV2 pandemic, the organisation rules and prices of Health Resort stays have changed. More information: zdrowie@kopalnia.pl, phone +48 12 278 75 12 or +48 12 278 75 04

Daytime stays (4–21 day stays) and Recovery after COVID-19

Are you struggling with respiratory diseases? Plan your stay in the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine Health Resort. Choose the right programme for you!

  • Daytime stays (4–21 day stays)

    Are you struggling with respiratory diseases, asthma, allergies or COPD? Come for a treatment in our underground Health Resort. 

    A therapeutic stay in the salt chambers will alleviate respiratory ailments, while improving your well-being and the overall state of your body. Here, you can forget about the everyday hustle and bustle.

  • Recovery after COVID-19 NEW PROGRAMME!

    We have developed a rehabilitation programme for adults who have contracted COVID-19.  Its aim is to improve the overall condition, restore exercise tolerance and enhance the quality of life of our patients. 

    The programme is carried out in Poland's only underground health resort. 


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A broad offer of treatment stays - from one-day to long term.

Take a break, get some rest and take care of your health.
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