On July 26 and 27 the Graduation Tower will be closed for visitors. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Graduation Tower The “Wieliczka” Salt Mine

Visiting hours

The Graduation Tower is open from 09:00 am. A ticket for a visit to the Graduation Tower for a given day may be purchased no later than by the time of the last admission to the Tower – to 07:00 pm
The visit to the Graduation Tower is not supervised by a guide.

Ticket prices

Discount tickets, standard tickets, family tickets from 7 PLN / person

Take a deep breath

With the gentle hum of water flowing down the blackthorn branches and the salt mist in the air, you can soothe your senses, take in some air with the properties of a sea breeze, relax and rest.
Come to the Graduation Tower, take a deep breath and experience the healing, preventive and relaxing properties of this form of rest.

At the Graduation Tower:

  • You will experience a sense of well-being and an increase of energy to act, especially if you face stress and fatigue on a daily basis.

  • Every breath brings a purification of the respiratory tract. You will feel relief if you live in a large agglomeration, have contact with polluted air.

  • The visit is recommended for allergy sufferers who have skin and inhalation problems, as well as people with reduced immunity.

  • You can relax in your own way, even by blissfully doing nothing. You can also spend your time more actively, for example by engaging in some Nordic Walking.

The “Wieliczka” Salt Mine Graduation Tower by the numbers:

number of people who can be in the Graduation Tower at the same time
3 200 m²
surface area of the blackthorn construction
22,5 m
height of the observation tower
30 minutes
recommended visit duration

Graduation Tower layout