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Therapeutic treatments

The “Wieliczka” Salt Mine Health Resort is more than just the underground. On the surface, in St Kinga's Part, in the building of the so-called Salt Mill, various medical procedures are carried out. Kinesiotherapy, physiotherapy and therapeutic massages are performed by experienced therapists.

  • Physiotherapy

    In physiotherapy, physical stimuli such as electric current, ultrasound, light and water are used for treatment. These factors stimulate tissues to their natural biological processes. The latest generation of equipment used for these purposes guarantees the highest quality of treatments. 

  • Therapeutic massage

    A therapeutic body massage reduces muscle tension, increases blood supply to the body, also has an analgesic effect. It stimulates the body, helping it cope with diseases much better. It will help you relax and achieve a state of complete relaxation. 

  • Kinesiotherapy

    Kinesiotherapy uses movement as a treatment method. Properly targeted physical exercises are aimed at restoring the maximum efficiency of the body. They are often combined with other forms of treatment to increase the therapeutic effect. 


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