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Warszawa Chamber

The 680 m² area is ideal for balls, banquets, parties, conferences, symposiums, trainings, concerts, theatrical performances, anniversary and integration events, as well as other special occasions. 

Organisers have at their disposal, among others,
a stage, rostrum, catering facilities and a drink bar. Guests can use the toilets and cloakroom. The chamber also provides access to the internet and mobile phone network.

125 m
below ground level
680 m²
usable floor area
(40 x 17 m)
6,5 m
height of the chamber
maximum number of guests

Chamber capacity:

  • Theatre table arrangement – 700 people
  • Standing banquet – 500 people
  • Seated banquet – 320 people
  • U-shape table arrangement – 160 people
  • mezzanine (optional) – 100 people

Additional paid equipment:

  • Expanded sound system + peripherals
  • Stage lighting
  • Effect lighting
  • Multimedia projector
  • Screen (4x3 m or 3x2 m)

Equipment included in the rental price:

  • Adjustable stage
    (min. 2x10 m; max. 8x10 m)
  • Built-in RGB lighting
    (relief and stage)
  • Possibility of using mobile networks
    of all operators
  • Wireless internet access
  • Rostrum
  • Wardrobe
  • Catering facilities
  • Drink bar
  • Cloakroom
  • Toilets

Chamber layout

Did you know?

The Warszawa Chamber, at a depth of 125 meters below the surface, hosts balls, eye-catching conferences, football matches, theatre performances and photo exhibitions with up to 700 participants. 

Every event set deep underground gains additional charm and leaves unforgettable memories.

See photos of the Warszawa Chamber

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