Logotyp Kopalni Soli 'Wieliczka'


Getting to the Mine by coach or car

The “Wieliczka” Salt Mine is located 10 km south-east of Krakow city centre, near the exit from the A4 motorway at the Kraków Wieliczka junction.

Mark the route:


Car park

Paid parking spaces are available on the premises of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine and in its vicinity.



You can take a taxi to the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine from almost anywhere in Krakow.

Access by public transit

Address details

  • Tourist Route (Daniłowicz Shaft)

    Daniłowicza 10
    32-020 Wieliczka
    GPS coordinates: 49.9831029°N, 20.0556922°E

  • Grand Sal**** Hotel

    Park Kingi 7
    32-020 Wieliczka
    GPS coordinates: 49.9824877°N, 20.054990°E

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