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St Kinga’s Chapel

Due to the sacred nature of the space, it is only possible to organise selected celebrations, e.g. Holy Mass for family celebrations such as baptism or wedding. 

101 m
below ground level
465 m²
usable floor area (31 x 15 m)
11 m
height of the chamber
maximum number of guests

Possible arrangements:

  • Theatre table arrangement – 400 people

Equipment included in the rental price:

  • Organ
  • Sound system (including wired and wireless microphones)


Additional paid equipment:

  • Effect lighting

Chapel layout

Did you know...

The salt sculptures and reliefs in St Kinga’s Chapel, created by miners working underground, are a permanent feature of the Tourist Route. This place has already delighted millions of visitors and is remembered long after the visit to the underground. 

The glow of crystal chandeliers, the beautiful salt floor and the details, each of which is a small work of art, complete the unique atmosphere of this place.

Photos of St Kinga’s Chapel

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