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Michałowice Chamber

Located 110 meters underground, the Michałowice Chamber is perfect for banquets, cocktail parties, tastings, as well as concerts for up to 100 guests. After prior arrangement it is possible to use effect lighting. Meeting participants can use the toilets and cloakroom located nearby.

110 m
below ground level
23 000 m³
chamber volume
36 m
height of the chamber
maximum number of guests


Possible arrangements:

  • Standing banquet – 100 people

Equipment included in the rental price:

  • Cloakroom
  • Toilets

Additional paid equipment:

  • Effect lighting


Chamber layout

Did you know...


This is one of the chambers that amazes with its size. The wooden structure protecting the excavation is a very impressive showcase of the masterful craft of mining carpenters and an engineering work of art. 

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