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Gwarków Chamber

The chamber, which is decorated in a way reminiscent of old mining inns, is perfect for organising feasts, meals, tastings or small company parties. 

The usable area of the chamber is 113 m². 

135 m
below ground level
113 m²
usable floor area
(14 x 10 x 4 m)
3 m
height of the chamber
maximum number of guests

Chamber layout

Did you know...

The bucket wheel together with the system of wooden gutters, which is an element of the former drainage system of the Mine, makes up the charming décor of the Gwarków Chamber. 

Here, you can sit down to a hearty supper on the long wooden benches and have fun just as the miners like to do – boisterously! This is a very atmospheric place, which is very worth visiting. 

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