Gwarków Chamber

The chamber, which is decorated in a way reminiscent of old mining inns, is perfect for organising feasts, meals, tastings or small company parties. 

The organiser has at their disposal essential equipment such as a multimedia projector, screen, sound system, flipchart. The usable area of the chamber is 113 m². 

135 m
below ground level
113 m²
usable floor area (14 x 10 x 4 m)
3 m
height of the chamber
maximum number of guests

Chamber capacity:

  • Feast table arrangement – 40 people

Equipment included in the rental price:

  • Small screen (1,8 x 2,4 m)
  • Multimedia projector (1800 ANSI)
  • MIPRO sound system
  • Flipchart


Chamber layout