Tour organisation

Starting point:
Regis Shaft

2,5 - 3,5 hours

Group size:
min. 10, max. 20 people 

Minimum age:
aged 10 or older

Distance to walk:
2 km

Temperature on the route:

Ticket sales

You can buy tickets at the the Mine’s website.
Detailed information about ticket prices and discounts can be found here.
Advance purchase of tickets on-line is required.

Opening hours
The opening and touring times depend on the day you wish to visit the mine. 
You can check the details here.

The tour always takes place under the supervision of a guide called the Foreman, who directs the expedition and teaches participants the mining trade.

Touring languages

Tours are available in Polish and in selected other languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian, Russian and Croatian.

Starting the tour

The assembly point is the Regis Shaft.  Make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes in advance before your scheduled tour time. The start time of the tour is indicated on your ticket. If you arrive late, you will be unable to enter and tour the Mine. Tickets, which cannot be used due to late arrival, are not refundable.

Safety training

Before starting the tour, tourists receive a short training on the safety and use of the supplied equipment: lamp, helmet and carbon monoxide absorber. Participants are entered into a personal register and sign a statement about their participation in the training.


The Miners’ Route leads through excavations located outside the area of the Mine available for standard touring. We recommend wearing appropriate clothing. Only footwear covering the entire foot is allowed on the route. Wearing footwear made of textile materials is not recommended. The temperature underground falls within the range of 14–16ºC.
At the assembly point, you will also receive a protective suit that you will need to wear for the duration of the tour.


Advance purchase of tickets on-line is required. Tickets may be purchased on-line up to 90 days before the planned date of the tour, but no later than 48 hours before the tour starts.

The minimum organised group size is 10 visitors. The upper group size limits is 20 visitors. Keep in mind that if you would like to organise a tour of the Miners’ Route for an organised group, you need to purchase at least 10 tickets. A complimentary ticket for the group's guardian is not included in this number. 

For information on discounts for schoolchildren, please see the Miners’ Route price list.    


The Miners’ Route leads through excavations located outside the area of the Mine available for standard touring. There are no restaurants or catering facilities along the expedition route.

At Bistro Posolone, located on the surface, right next to the Daniłowicz Shaft, you can choose from a wide range of salads, burgers, pasta, as well as drink delicious coffee and eat dessert.  

You can also eat a meal before or after your tour at the Grand Sal**** Hotel restaurant, located on the surface. 


During the tour, taking photos and filming is allowed.


Before entering the Miners’ Route, tourists use the cloakroom located in the Regis Shaft building. Each tour participant receives an individual locker, locked with a key. The size of lockers is limited – make sure not to bring large luggage for your tour of the Miners’ Route.


Visitors can use the toilets in the Regis Shaft building, before and after the tour.
There are no toilets available underground.

The ATMs can be found on the premises of the Mine, near the Daniłowicz Shaft.
All catering and retail outlets in the Mine accept card payments.
Visitors with disabilities

The Miners’ Route is not adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.

Touring possibilities

Individual tourist

You take part in the tour in the company of other individual tourists, the Mine is responsible for assembling a group.

Organised group

You are a member of a large group and are planning to go on the tour together. You are a tour operator.
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On the route

Route characteristics

The participants of the tour, equipped with professional equipment and wearing working suits, set off under the supervision of a guide Foreman to the underground of the Mine to gain their first experience as miners. Awaiting the daredevils are real mining tasks, the performance of which will be assessed by the foreman. There will be no time for boredom - each participant will be sucked into the fun! The work to be tackled by mining novices includes the measurement of methane concentration, weaving ropes, efficient use of a map and even a shovel. There will be a lot of work, but the satisfaction will also be great. At the end of the expedition, all tourists will receive a reward from the foreman - a certificate confirming that they have gained their first honours in the mining profession.

In exceptional cases, some of the chambers on the Miners’ Route may be excluded from the tour.

Phone / Internet

The Mine is a place where you can quiet down for a while and cut yourself off from the world, because telecommunication signals will not reach you here.


Terms and conditions of touring

Detailed terms and conditions of touring the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine can be found here.


Open flames, electric torches, smoking cigarettes (including e-cigarettes) are prohibited.
Bringing animals in is prohibited.