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Tour organisation

Starting point:
Daniłowicz Shaft

2 - 3 hours

Group size:  
min. 10 max. 30 people

Minimum age:

Distance to walk:
approx. 3.5 km

Temperature on the route:

Ticket sales

You can buy tickets at the ticket offices in the Daniłowicz Shaft, Daniłowicza 10, Wieliczka.
Detailed information about ticket prices and discounts can be found here.
Tickets must be booked in advance – to do so, fill in the form here.

Opening hours

The opening times depend on the day you wish to visit the mine.
You can check the details here.


The tour always takes place under the supervision of a guide.

Touring languages

Tours are available in Polish and in selected other languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Esperanto, Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian.
It is also possible to book a guide speaking Japanese, Hungarian, Serbian, Croatian, Czech, Slovak, Lithuanian, Albanian and Dutch.

Starting the tour
The assembly point is the Daniłowicz Shaft, which the tourists then use to go down into the salt underground You select the date and time of the tour while making the reservation.

The route includes approx. 800 stairs, 380 of which are at the start. Please wear comfortable shoes and clothing according to the conditions on the route. The temperature underground falls within the range of 17–18ºC.


Tickets must be booked in advance – to do so, fill in the form here.
Organised groups get a 10% discount for booking their tour using the form on the Mine’s website (www.kopalnia.pl). School and family tickets, as well as tickets purchased online are not covered by the discount.          
The minimum number of tourists in a group is 10 persons. Groups of fewer than 10 persons make reservations at a cost of a 10-person group. The maximum number of tourists in a group is 30 persons. Organised groups numbering more than 30 persons will be divided into smaller groups. The number of guides assigned to a group will be decided by the Mine.


On the Tourist Route, you can relax and dine in designated locations. Each group booking a tour can additionally choose and order a lunch set, which will be served at the selected time. To select dishes from the menu and place an order, please use the form here.
You can eat a meal before or after your tour at the Grand Sal**** Hotel restaurant, located on the surface. 

Note: The Mine operates in accordance with the current sanitary and epidemiological guidelines in force.


During the tour, taking photos and filming is allowed.


The maximum dimensions of hand luggage which can be brought on the tour is 35cm x 20cm x 20cm. Please leave your larger luggage in the storage room, which is located on the surface near the Daniłowicz Shaft.


Before starting the tour, you can use the toilets, which are located right next to the Daniłowicz Shaft. Toilets are also available underground in two locations on the tour.

ATM and currency exchange

ATMs and a currency exchange are located in the area of the Mine near the Daniłowicz Shaft. All catering and retail outlets in the Mine accept card payments.

Visitors with disabilities

Some of the underground workings of the Tourist Route are adapted for people with limited mobility.
The tours are offered in Polish or English, Monday to Sunday at 9 a.m. Prior reservations are required. Email us at  rezerwacja@kopalnia.pl
The number of places is limited. 

You can take an assistance dog or a guide for blind and visually impaired people to the mine. 

Announcement for visitors with disabilities
In connection with the renovation of the M. Daniłowicz Shaft, as of 2 November 2021 we are forced to suspend the tours for disabled persons until further notice.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

On the route

Route characteristics

Beautiful chambers carved in salt, including the most exceptional one – St Kinga’s Chapel, amazing underground lakes, majestic carpentry structures and unique salt sculptures. Nearly 3 kilometres of winding galleries, 800 stairs to climb and a descent to 135 metres underground. No wonder that the charms of the Tourist Route, the main route of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine, are admired by millions of adventure-seeking tourists from all over the world. 

*In exceptional cases, some of the chambers on the Tourist Route may be excluded from the tour.

For the safety of our visitors, we have excluded some of the workings along the Tourist Route from the tour. The course of the tour will be continuously adjusted to the intensity of tourist traffic.

Telefon / Internet

The Mine is a place where you can quiet down for a while and cut yourself off from the world, because telecommunication signals will not reach you here.
However, we have prepared a place for our guests where they can use free WiFi, as well as make calls.


Terms and conditions of touring

Detailed terms and conditions of touring the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine can be found here.


Open flames, electric torches, smoking cigarettes (including e-cigarettes) are prohibited.
Bringing animals in is prohibited, with the exception of service animals.
We do not offer a facility where you can leave your pet.

In the Daniłowicz Top Shaft building, Regis Top Shaft building and during the tour of the Tourist Route, tourists are obliged to use face masks covering their mouths and noses, as well as observing proper social distancing in line with the sanitary restrictions listed in the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 26 February 2021 on the establishment of certain restrictions, orders and prohibitions in connection with the occurrence of a state of epidemic. In the case of a medical exemptions from wearing a face mask, the tourist may be asked to provide an appropriate document or a medical certificate. We placed dispensers with disinfectants in many places within the safe zone, as well as in the underground of the mine. You can find more information about the safety policy HERE.
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