New Year’s Eve with a pinch of salt

01-01-2017 / Events

It is said that the year will be as good as the New Year’s Eve was. Therefore, everyone who came for the New Year’s Eve celebration to the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine can be sure that 2017 will be perfect – just as the party 125 metres below the surface in the Warszawa Chamber.

Everyone who came to the New Year’s Eve celebration had a great time, while dance music played by Chrząszcze ensured that every single participant was on the dance floor. The band played not only the energetic hit songs from the golden era of disco music, but also newer hits which made it hard to resist dancing. And so, everyone danced until dawn. The sentimental travel back to the 1970s would not be complete without bell-bottoms and large collars, as many of our guests decided to dress up like in the times where we all listened to ABBA and Black Sabbath.

Sylwester w Kopalni Soli "Wieliczka"The beginning of the New Year in the Warszawa Chamber was preceded by the traditional countdown. At midnight sharp, a toast was raised amidst the storm of confetti, to the perfect upcoming year, to all our dreams coming true and to a happy 2017.

The New Year’s Eve party in the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine can be summed up with “down below, but at the highest level” – this principle was also used for composing the menu, among others. Wild boar cheeks with demi-glace, accompanied by delicious and filling groats with mushrooms, were especially popular among the guests. They also had the opportunity to taste delicacies such as the traditional Polish hunter’s stew with smoked plum and beef meatballs with sauce of dried plums and sauerkraut salad. The partygoers also loved our delicious horseradish soup with whey, bacon and quail egg.

Of course, the 1970s atmosphere required us to also offer some culinary hits from that decade, and so we had herring in sour cream, as well as Japanese-style herring, classic vegetable salad and the attractive WZ cake... The New Year’s resolutions regarding diet did not have a chance against the desserts served during the underground New Year’s Eve party... Who could resist the meringue cake or the sultan cream? Could anyone look at the chocolate block or the delicious pischinger and not have some? Well, we consider these questions rhetorical at best.

Światowe dziedzictwo


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