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How we ensure safety

Your safety. Our priority.


We are aware of the risks and remember about sanitary safety. We try to make all our facilities safe for tourists and guests as well as for our employees.


We have introduced special cleaning procedures in all our facilities on the surface. Good practices include frequent disinfection of handles, handrails, window sills, benches and other places and equipment that guests and employees come into contact with. 
All toilets and other public spaces are also disinfected daily at the end of the tourist reception with spraying equipment with disinfectant. 
Every day after the end of tourist traffic in underground workings, we disinfect all toilets, passageways and ventilation dams by spraying and misting, and we disinfect barriers, handles and other places with which tourists and employees have contact in underground excavations.
We have also implemented special procedures concerning the use of the lift in the Daniłowicz Shaft, including the obligation to use protective masks and disinfect hands before entering the lift. Gates and railings are disinfected on an ongoing basis and the extraction vessel is thoroughly disinfected twice a day. 


  • We have implemented an obligation for our employees and guides to use masks and protective gloves. Every day we also measure the body temperature of all employees and suppliers. All points where we serve tourists and guests have been secured with a special separation screen.


  • All points with disinfectants on the surface and in the underground are specially marked. We have also placed information pictograms on the premises of all our facilities to help maintain safe social distancing. In addition, for your convenience, we have also prepared a vending machine where you can buy gloves and protective masks and disinfectants. They will also be available for purchase in the underground during the tour.


  • For visitors planning a trip along the Tourist Route we have designated a special safe zone. Before entering the zone, each person has their body temperature measured. We ask tourists to use protective masks and disinfect their hands. We placed dispensers with disinfectants in many places within the safe zone, as well as in the underground of the mine. The number of people in groups visiting the Tourist Route has been reduced – we trust that this will make touring the historic undergrounds safer and more comfortable.


  • We have implemented stricter sanitary procedures in our retail and catering outlets, which apply to both our employees and suppliers – all to make you feel safer. The operations of our stores and restaurants, as well as our services for visitors are constantly adapted to reflect the relevant sanitary and epidemiological guidelines and restrictions in force. At present, the underground restaurant is closed, while Bistro Posolone and selected catering points in the mine are serving only takeaway meals and beverages.


  • Before entering the graduation tower area, hands should be disinfected – containers with disinfectant are available in designated locations. Please maintain social distancing and cover your mouth and nose.


  • Non-cash transactions are the preferred form of payment. You can pay this way for all our products and services in all our facilities.


  • We are also preparing for the resumption of spa activities and organisation of events. We are also implementing changes in these areas of operation of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine, which will make our patients and guests feel completely safe. We will provide more details soon.


  • In order to better prepare our company to function in the new reality, we have appointed a sanitary safety officer.

Please send your comments and questions about the safety of the tour to the address: bezpieczna@kopalnia.pl


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