1. Can I use the toilet during the tour?

    Comfortable toilets can be found under the ground, about 40 and 90 minutes from the start of the tour, and also on the surface, near the shaft. 

  2. Can I have a rest and something to eat during the tour?

    The first break in the tour takes place about an hour after the start, in the Drozdowice and Weimar chambers area. You will find there, among others, a stand with small snacks. After another hour on the trail, visitors reach the Wisla-Warszawa-Budryk chambers area, where shops and the underground Miners' Tavern are located. After returning to the surface, you can have a pleasant time at the café or restaurant of the 4-star Grand Sal Hotel.

  3. Can I visit the mine with young children?

    The mine is open to children of all ages. What's more, children up to 4 years of age are entitled to free admission. For families visiting the Wieliczka mine, many facilities have been prepared: a changing table and special chairs in the Miners' Tavern. Due to the large number of stairs in the mine, it is recommended not to use strollers. You can leave them in the luggage room. Families with young children can also participate in "Family Discovery of Saltland" program, which combines the tour of the mine with numerous attractions for children.

  4. Is it dark in the mine?

    For the greater comfort of visitors, the chambers and the galleries along the Tourist Route are well lit.

  5. Do I have to pay extra for being taken back to the surface by elevator?

    At the end of the tour, tourists are transported to the surface by a mining elevator. This is included in the ticket price. An additional charge is collected only for the transport from the surface underground. Normally, tourists go down the stairs.

  6. Is it possible to tour the mine with a stroller?

    Along the entire length of the route, you will have to go up and down around 800 steps, so it is not recommended to use strollers. You can leave your stroller in the luggage room.

  7.  Is it possible for persons on wheel chairs to visit the mine?

    The most marvellous section of the Tourist Route is adapted for persons on standard wheelchairs measuring 59 centimetres in width who enter the mine in an elevator. Persons on wheelchairs or with mobility problems should make earlier bookings. Please contact the Tourist Traffic Office or fill out the on-line contact form. Tours for tourists who are unable to move without assistance are organised all year round at 9.00 am, 12:45 pm and 5.00 pm.

  8. Do I need to make a reservation for the tour?

    Booking the tour is only required for organised groups and people in wheel chairs. For individual tourist, booking is not required.

  9. Can I refuse the services of the tour guide, and visit the mine on my own?

    The mine is a mining plant, and it can be visited only under the supervision of a trained employee (a guide). All the guides have knowledge in the field of first aid and mine safety regulations. Moreover, they know a great many anecdotes and stories about the mine, which you will surely want to listen to during your visit of the saline underground!

  10. Can I take photos and film in the mine ?

    Tourists who take pictures underground or film must pay an additional fee of 10 PLN when buying a ticket and receive a badge bearing the symbol of a camera which they should wear in a clearly visible place. Tourists who do not pay for the compulsory permit to photograph and film before they'd do down into the mine, but do take pictures or film, will have to purchase the permit from the service employee at the terrace of the Chapel of St. Kinga. Fees paid for the permission to take photographs and to film do not entitle for the commercial use of photographs and films for which expressed consent is required each and every time from the Mine.


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