Business Meetings

A business meeting organised in a unique location will make the project more prestigious and influences the image of the company (the organiser). The historic underground spaces of the Wieliczka salt mine offer such a unique place, where you can hold both an intimate business meeting, for instance a gala dinner in unique salt scenery, and a corporate meeting or an integration and promotional event, a banquet, a ball, a gala, and all kinds of social events (e. g. shows, presentations, exhibitions, competitions, and even concerts or performances).

A business meeting organised in the stylish and cosy underground chambers will certainly contribute to developing your contacts, integrating your team or just creating a good atmosphere. 

Kopalnia Soli "Wieliczka"All chambers are equipped with a projector, a screen and a flipchart. Depending on the location, we also provide wireless microphones, a drink bar, a stage, a rostrum, audio-visual system, and even simultaneous interpretation booths. In most chambers, access to the Internet and mobile networks is available. In addition, each chamber has its own cloakroom and separate kitchen facilities.

We provide professional technical support for events organised in the mine's underground and paid parking. We can also offer (for additional charge) services related to the selection and preparation of table decoration and the decor of the room, depending on your needs and the nature of the event organised.

We also guarantee a professional catering service for all the activities organised in the underground chambers, from coffee breaks to lavish balls for a few hundred people. Dishes of Polish and European cuisine are always prepared on site, in the underground kitchens, from top-quality products, by our excellent chefs, awarded repeatedly in various national and international culinary competitions. Customers can have a specially composed menu for a specific event or select from the suggestion of our chefs.

Each event can be further adorned with additional attractions: a tour of the mine's underground, crossing an underground lake by a ferry, a meeting with the Treasurer - the good spirit of the salt underground, a performance of the mining orchestra, a demonstration of salt carving, team building programs, etc. 

A business meeting can also be organised on the surface, in immediate vicinity of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine, at the Grand Sal**** Hotel.

The convenient location of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine (just 10 km from the centre of Krakow), its unique original interiors and the professional service offered will guarantee the success of your project and leave the participants with unforgettable memories.

Worth knowing:

  • The organisers of business meetings can choose from among the following chambers:

Warszawa Chamber
Jan Haluszka I Chamber 
Drozdowice III Chamber 
Drozdowice IV Chamber  
Jan Haluszka II Chamber  

  • All the chambers are equipped with a projector, a screen and a flipchart.
  • Depending on the chamber, the following are also available: a stage, a drink bar.
  • In some chambers, access to the Internet and mobile networks is also available.
  • Each chamber has its own catering facilities.
  • Meals are prepared on site, in the underground kitchens. You can choose a customised menu or select from among the suggestions of our excellent chefs.
  • Each chamber has its own cloakroom and access to toilets.
  • The organisers are provided professional technical services and  paid parking spaces.
  • Each event can also include additional attractions, such as visiting the mine (Tourist Route or Miners’ Route) or sailing across the saline lake.
  • Guests can be accommodated at the Grand Sal**** Hotel.
  • The organisation of corporate events is priced individually and requires earlier reservations. Ask for a quote.

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