Welcome to the “Wieliczka”  Salt Mine  Online Shop!

Everybody will find something nice and interesting for themselves at the shop.

Those who admire  good books can purchase books presenting the magnificent and unique beauty of the subterranean world in the Wieliczka mine. We offer coffee table books in which the history and traditions of the Wieliczka mine are well described together with a practical guide and handy folders.

Sample our cosmetic salt products composed of a mixture of evaporated salt combined with moisturizing and softening substances. A hot bath taken with cosmetic bath salts improves your mood and disposition, while taking off the edge at the end of a hard day. In addition, bath salt smoothens and softens your skin.

The online shop offers table salt as well as a wide variety of different flavoured salts with  containing basil, garlic and lovage which will add that extraordinary taste to the family dinner . 

Those who admire elegant knick-knacks will find a unique collection of salt sculptures and memorabilia. The figurines of the Treasurer or Saint Kinga are a great idea for an original gift to offer a friend or relative. Such a souvenir will also bring back the memories of a fascinating trip into the Wieliczka undergrounds.

And, what about the kids? Well, you will find a specially prepared collection of toys and books that will help your children to discover the magical secrets of the underground kingdom of “Saltland”.

Have fun shopping in the online shop!


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from Monday to Friday between 6 a.m. and 2 p.m.

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