Internet Oscar for the Mine

The “WieliczkaMine” application, especially prepared for smartphones and iPhones, received five stars from “Reviewers’ Choice WieliczkaMine for Android” on its first day of operation. The “Salt Mine” application was separately prepared for tablets and iPads. Beginning from October this year, the mine can pride itself in obtaining the title “Mobile of the Day”.

"Wieliczka" Salt MineThe title “Mobile of the Day” is awarded by The Favourite Website Awards for the most innovative and best designed mobile applications. enjoys well-deserved popularity all over the world. There were 150 million views noted on the competition website by January 2012. The Favourite Website Awards is a program of branch awards launched in Great Britain in 2000 aiming mainly at promoting state-of-the-art trends and innovations in the field of web design. The daily “Chicago Tribune” defined it as the “Internet Oscar” in 2007.

The “WieliczkaMine” application, just after its launching on the Internet, also received distinctions from which gives access to high quality applications. 5 stars from “Reviewers’ Choice. WieliczkaMine for Android” is a highly sought for recommendation for the mobile application suggested by the mine.

A functional and well-designed website is not enough to have an up-to-date image and well functioning communication system with consumers. Mobile communication channels have today become as natural a form of contact with the brand as benefiting from services by means of an Internet browser. Therefore, apart from a newly designed website, the mine has decided to launch applications for smartphone and tablet users, explained Kajetan d’Obyrn, the President of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine S.A.

The “WieliczkaMine” application is dedicated for iPhones and smartphones with the Android system thanks to which one can see panoramas of chambers and listen to tales about the mine, whereas the “Salt Mine” application was developed for iPads and tablets with the Android system. Apart from accessing panoramas and recordings it also allows users to “visit the mine during an adventure trip”, i.e. to collect salt crystals and discover “The Secret Chamber”. The game player’s scores can be posted on Facebook.

Press reports about the application:

The new website is quite well designed, but the greatest effects are created by the mobile application for telephones and tables with Android systems and iOS. This is a guide through the mine prepared in a really interesting way. […] The application works perfectly, the design is very nice and can be used as a virtual adventure

The Wieliczka Mine is an excellent idea for promoting this spot. Thanks to this application we can learn the history of the mine as well as see the mine from the inside which most definitely encourages users to visit the place and see it with their own

One must admit, that using this application is sheer pleasure. Relaxing music interblends with the background, brilliant graphics, an interactive menu. The Wieliczka Mine is a journey with the virtual guide leading us through 10 most well-known chambers, such as the Chapel of St. Kinga or the Weimar

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