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We collected nearly 50 litres of blood

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Added on: 11.07.2019

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Miners would say that we managed to get a lot of material! It is definitely something we are happy about, because blood is always priceless and scarce – particularly in the summer season. On 11 July, the residents of the Wieliczka District did not disappoint once again – they came in droves to take part in another instalment of the “Gift of Blood, Gift of Life” campaign. The collection point was established in the Regis top shaft.

The staff of the Regional Centre of Blood Donation and Treatment in Krakow was hard at work from early in the morning. In total, they collected blood from 121 participants, totalling 49,5 litres of this precious medicine.



“We organised our first blood collection in July 2016. It was inspired by World Youth Day. We wanted to celebrate the event by helping and encouraging people to help,” explains Adam Gawlik, Chairman of the Solidarity Trade Union at the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine. “The interest in the “Gift of Blood, Gift of Life” campaign exceeded our wildest expectations. Blood donors kept asking us for the next one. We invited them in December, this time underground, to Jan Haluszka Chamber, and once again we had a great turnout! Miners, residents of Wieliczka, uniformed services and tourists all came to donate blood. Since then, we have been organising a blood donation drive twice a year” – in July around St Kinga’s Day and in December to celebrate St Barbara's Day.

The “Gift of Blood, Gift of Life” campaign brings tangible results – every time, dozens of litres of the precious medicine are collected, and on the other hand, it encourages the participation of all those who would like to help, but they hesitate or even fear the donation. So far, during 7 drives, we managed to collect nearly 400 litres of blood from more than 770 people. This year, the blood collection at the mine was once again included in the prestigious “Good Practices. Responsible Business in Poland.” CSR report.

“We are glad to see such great interest in the blood donation campaign. It also showcases the generosity of the participants, who always include numerous residents of Wieliczka”, points out Damian Konieczny, President of the Management Board of Kopalnia Soli “Wieliczka” Trasa Turystyczna. “I particularly love their approach to blood donation. When asked why they are doing this, they always say: because it has to be done! I am glad that they come to donate their blood in the mine” – in summer to the Regis shaft, and in winter to the Haluszka Chamber.

The “Gift of Blood, Gift of Life” campaign is organised by: the Solidarity Trade Union at the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine, the Regional Centre for Blood Donation and Treatment in Krakow and the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine. The next blood donation drive will take place on 19 December in the historic undergrounds.



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