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Added on: 01.02.2021

Wieliczka Salt Mine

2020 was a truly historic year, marked by change and unpredictability in every sector, as well as difficult decisions to be made. The coronavirus pandemic resulted in many challenges for the tourism industry and redefined its priorities, increasing the importance of additional rules that ensured the safety of the tours. 

Many of the planned study visits were postponed until 2021, but we were still able to carry out many of them in the previous year. Journalists, bloggers and TV crews from all the corners of the world visited us to see what kind of safety measures were implemented and how the mine operated during the pandemic, encouraging others to visit our salt underground. Also noteworthy is the fact that the mine participated in social campaigns promoting local tourism, such as “Rest in Poland” - #urlopwkraju, the aim of which was to support the tourism industry in this difficult year. 


Salt underground in camera lenses and in magazines

In the first quarter, before the pandemic struck, we were visited by TV crews from Japan, Czechia, the United States, Iran and Poland. The Japan crew  was shooting the 6th episode of the show about unusual machines in various industrial sectors. In the episode devoted to salt, the Wieliczka guide told the story of salt mining in Poland.POLAND IN, the English-language channel of the Polish Television broadcast on the Internet. Last year, the team shot footage on the Tourist Route, this time they decided to see a different face of the mine and explored to the Mining Route.


After the mine reopened in June, we were visited mainly by Polish crews, including a TVP 2 crew, who shot an episode of Pytanie na śniadanie in the mine. TV Małopolska invited the residents of the Lesser Poland region to safely explore the salt galleries. The Cogiteon Małopolska Science Centre  carried out a number of filmed experiments in the Drozdowice III chamber and next to our Graduation Tower for their summer educational programming. The episode was of course dedicated to salt.  We were also visited by a crew from the United States, shooting Global Child with Miss Polonia 2019  in Poland.  Our Czech neighbours recorded an episode of the BEDEKR show  in our salt galleries, with famous Czech actors presenting their fellow countrymen with ideas for a unique journey. The show is broadcast by the largest public broadcaster in Czechia, with each episode being watched by about 400,000 people.

The Polish Television shot their Dwie Stolice show 135 metres underground, hosted by Adam Grzanka in Krakow and Jerzy Petersburski in Warsaw. The format of the show includes presenting three video presentations on common topics in pairs. The “Wieliczka” Salt Mine was featured by numerous local and international journalists – usually in travel magazines, including the Read&Fly Magazine, Obieżyświat, Krajoznawcy, Luxury Lifestyle Magazine (USA) Wanderlust (the United Kingdom) and many more.


Magic in its purest form – the salt world seen through the eyes of bloggers

Bloggers and influencers were interested not only in the Tourist Route, but also in the Health Resort, Graduation Tower, Grand Sal**** Hotel and our event destinations. Perhaps you already know and follow some of them on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.

Here's what they wrote after their visits: 

  • MoiMili: “There are places in Poland that CAN be visited with children. There are some that are WORTH visiting. And there's a third category – places that can only be described as MUST SEE. The “Wieliczka” Salt Mine belongs to... each of these categories. We spent a nice family weekend there, discovering the history of salt, learning about legends and uncovering mysteries. The mine has a lot to offer to children – it's a great place to spend a family weekend, filled with excitement.”
  • Gdziewpolscenaweekend.pl – travel blog. The blogger visited the mine in January: “Is it worth it? Definitely yes! The salt mine is impressive. It’s a must-see if you are in Poland.”
  • Kreatywniewdomu – a parenting and travel blogger who shows how to spend time creatively with children. “Everything here is magical. Mighty sculptures illuminated by gentle light and impressive brine lakes, which leave a lasting impression on children and adults alike.”

The “Wieliczka” Salt Mine Health Resort also enjoyed some interest among bloggers, in particular in the context of boosting the immune systems of children and adults.  

  • Mama Pediatra, medical and parenting blogger, summed up her visit as follows: “When we went back, we promised ourselves we'd come back one day. Next time we are going to come for longer.”
  • Mama Lekarz, medical and parenting blogger, who visited the underground with her son Franek, described the stay in the context of underground treatment with the unique microclimate. Let us let her speak for herself: “After visiting the Health Resort, Franek asked every few days if we could go back. For him it was an amazing experience, because after the madness of Discovering Saltland, he could once again go deep underground. Instead of going down, the elevator takes us back in time…”

In connection with the #urlopwkraju campaign, the mine was visited by the campaign ambassadors: actor Marcin Mroczek and buuba.pl – blogger Agnieszka Dzieniszewska with her family. Here's what she wrote on her Instagram profile after her visit: “When I went to the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine, I was expecting… well, a mine. Simple as that. The place surprised me, I’m speechless. And I certainly wasn’t the only one. I can tell everybody that it is worth visiting this place. … Magic in its purest form.”


In August, Wieliczka's galleries and event chambers were visited by Aga Ciesielska or Eventowa Blogerka: “Atmospheric wall lighting, long galleries covered with white wooden logs. I'm walking through a labyrinth of spaces of salt interiors that impress with their height and size. This is how I enter the world of Wieliczka. I am rediscovering the site listed on the First UNESCO World Heritage List. I appreciate how the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine is improving its offer for its event guests and all the things that are new in here."

What now?

We are waiting for 2021 in the hope that soon we will reopen the salt realm for tourists, journalists, media and guests from all over the world, who want to visit this extraordinary treasure of nature and human work. 


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