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Take a look behind the scenes of a film set! See how the film crew works more than 100 metres underground.

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Added on: 22.07.2020

Wieliczka Salt Mine

At the beginning of July in the mine underground, we shot nine ads which will be part of the “Let’s Meet in the Mine of Mysteries” campaign. 

We invited several guides who work in the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine showing tourists around the salt kingdom in various languages.  

In the ads, you will see Agata – a guide with 4 years of experience showing Spanish-speaking tourists around, Larysa – who has worked in Wieliczka for 18 years as a Russian-language guide, Adrian – who guides groups in Italian, Dominika – an English-speaking guide, Ryszard – a long-time French-language guide, and Weronika – who guides groups in German. 

We wanted our guides, not actors, to appear in the ads. They are the ones you meet on the route, where they are passionately committed to presenting the rich history of the Wieliczka underground. The videos feature personal invitations to discover the mysteries of the mine together.

We filmed the ads in several selected locations on two levels of the mine. You’ll be able to admire, among others, the 17th-century St Anthony’s Chapel, the most beautiful chapel in the mine – St Kinga’s Chapel, and the Pieskowa Skała Chamber with its stunning views.

You’ll be able to see the result of two busy days of shooting soon on our YouTube channel, on TV and more.  

Check out the behind the scenes photo gallery today!


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