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St Kinga - patron saint of Wieliczka miners

From the life of the company

Added on: 23.07.2019

Wieliczka Salt Mine

24 July starts with a solemn Holy Mass celebrated underground, devoted to the patron saint who looks over this place every day. The mass is traditionally celebrated in the heart of the “Wieliczka” Mine – St Kinga’s Chapel, where people can see the importance of St Kinga’s care for miners – the chapel and all its furnishings, including chandeliers and reliefs, as well as every single detail, were created with due devotion for the patron saint. 

Since 1441, miners have been making a pilgrimage to Stary Sącz to thank their patron saint for the white gold – as they referred to salt. In line with the tradition, this year, on 21 July, the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine welcomed both miners, as well as the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine's Representative Brass Band. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the canonisation of St Kinga by John Paul II.


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