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See a video from the performances of the Krakow Opera


Added on: 03.02.2021

Wieliczka Salt Mine
Koncert noworoczny w komorze Warszawa

Unfortunately, the New Year’s concerts at the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine will not take place in 2021, but we invite you to watch a short video from the last three events, featuring performances by the excellent Krakow Opera soloists, ballet and orchestra, conducted by Tomasz Tokarczyk. 


For a while, you will be able to feel the atmosphere of underground meetings with classical music, modelled on the famous Vienna Philharmonic concerts. The programme of the concerts includes mainly pieces from the so-called classic Viennese repertoire – waltzes, csárdáses, polkas and famous operetta hits, although there are also compositions which make each concert different from the previous one. We hope you enjoy watching the video!


To see it, click HERE.


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