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Operetta gala in Warszawa Chamber


Added on: 27.07.2019

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Yesterday evening (28.07.2019) will surely stay in the memory of all the participants of the underground concert for a long time. Warszawa Chamber hosted an exceptional show, featuring outstanding singers known from Polish and European music scenes, as well as dancers from the Miniatury Artistic Dance Ensemble. The soloists were accompanied by the Arte Symfoniko Orchestra under the baton of Mieczysław Smyda. The magic show was hosted by Olga Bończyk and Łukasz Lech.

The audience gathered in the Warszawa Chamber could enjoy a colourful operetta repertoire, presented by audience favourites, including: Anna Lasota (soprano), Iwona Socha (soprano), Jakub Oczkowski (tenor), Jakub Milewski (baritone) and Łukasz Gaj (tenor), as well as special guests from Vienna and Budapest: Violetta Kowal (soprano), Szilvi Szendy (soprano) and Peller Károly (tenor). Artists from Budapest showed off not only their voices, but also their dance and acrobatic talents! The extremely spectacular and colourful dance shows also showcased amazing artists from the Miniatury Artistic Dance Ensemble led by Małgorzata Malczak. The evening surprised everybody with an outstanding performance of Olga Bończyk, who led the underground concert together with Łukasz Lech – the writer and director of the show. The spectacle was truly extraordinary, and the audience, which filled the underground of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine to the brim, awarded the artists with thunderous applause.


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