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Global Child TV, Miss Polonia 2019 and the Kingdom of Salt

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Added on: 02.09.2020

Wieliczka Salt Mine

An engagement in an extraordinary salt scenery, a beautiful white dress presented by Miss Polonia 2019: Karolina Bielawska and a majestic chapel 101 metres underground. Sounds like something taken straight from a fairy tale? We agree!  In August this year, we had the opportunity to host a TV crew from the USA, which filmed a material about Poland. “Global Child" is Augusto Valverde’s original programme, where Karolina Bielawska made her debut in a new role – as one of the hosts of a travel show. 

Global Child: Travel with Purpose is a show about travelling in order to discover the world through amazing experiences and positive life lessons. Travel with Purpose is an additional aspect of the production – each episode of the series covers a local initiative that can be supported by the audience. These days, people around the world pay a lot of attention to travelling in a thoughtful, environmentally neutral manner that is beneficial to local communities. 

The show presents the beauty of the visited country, extraordinary adventures and wonderful people. Augusto Valverde and Miss Polonia Karolina Bielawska were very impressed by the attractions in the Lesser Poland region. Katarzyna, a guide with many years of experience, told and discovered the secrets of various sites along the Tourist Route.  The team has chosen the most beautiful places of the mine, including St Kinga’s Chapel and the majestic Michałowice Chamber. 

The show has already been filmed in 23 countries and is available on Amazon Prime and on board of major airlines, including American Airlines. Currently, the filming for the special episode about Poland has been completed, and the release is for early 2021. The crew’s visit to the mine was organised jointly with the Polish Tourist Organisation.

Watch the trailer.


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