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Discover the secrets of the healing power of salt!

For parents and teachers

Added on: 01.09.2020

Wieliczka Salt Mine

“Wieliczka” Salt Mine Health Resort 

Healing and recreational stays in our underground health resort complex found 135 metres underground are not only beneficial to your health, but also, they offer you a unique opportunity to discover the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine – one of the most famous tourist attractions in Poland, included by UNESCO on its World Heritage List.


Therapeutic microclimate 135 metres underground 

The secret of the success of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine Health Resort is its therapeutic microclimate of salt chambers, which has been a factor used in spa treatments since the 19th century, and which plays the key role in the treatment process. The air in the mine is characterised by exceptional bacteriological purity, high relative humidity, sodium chloride, magnesium, manganese and calcium content, which all have a positive impact on health. The air in the mine does not contain pollutants – one of the most burdensome and common detrimental factors found on the surface. 

This nature of the salt mine microclimate makes the underground stays bring relief to people suffering from diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract, as well as asthma and allergies. Apart from its beneficial effect, the Health Resort also offers a retreat from everyday life, allowing you to isolate yourself from stress factors and polluted environment. 


Active rehabilitation and recreation in salt chambers 

Healing and recreational stays take place on Level III of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine. The Health Resort complex is made up of four salt chambers, each of which offers a different experience. There is a place suitable for night-time stays, an intimate brine graduation tower, as well as exercise and relaxation chambers. In the Resort, you will find a charming Wessel brine lake, where you can relax, as well as take part in gymnastics sessions and inhalations. 

During your stay in the Health Resort, you will benefit from comprehensive pulmonological rehabilitation, consisting of breathing exercises, learning to breathe with your diaphragm and exercising the breathing muscles. There is also no shortage of physical exercises with elements of aerobics and rehabilitation equipment. All sessions are supervised by doctors, physiotherapists and nurses. Another important aspect of the Health Resort’s mission is promoting health and prevention. Our experts will tell you how to deal with exacerbation, remission and relapse of your disease. You will broaden your knowledge and find answers to your questions. 

The free time can be spent on rest and relaxation, during which you can read your favourite books, listen to music or make new friends. You should keep in mind that the “Wieliczka” Health Resort is visited by patients from the farthest corners of Poland and Europe. 


How to take advantage of a stay in the underground health resort?

You can choose a treatment stay of several days or longer – depending on your needs. During this time, you will spend 5.5 hours underground every day on exercise and rest. The programme of health resort stays is prepared by experts to guarantee that you can take maximum advantage of the natural healing qualities of the mine.  

During the treatment you can take advantage of accommodation in the comfortable Grand Sal**** Hotel located near the Health Resort.

You can also take advantage of our one-day Health Day stays. If you choose this offer, you will go underground for one day, where you will exercise, relax and take advantage of inhalations under the care of our team. 

And if you want to experience some thrills, you can book an overnight stay in the Health Resort and check out what you will dream of underground. You can also take your family and friends on an adventure.  


Discovering the secrets of a historic mine

During your stay in the Health Resort, the attractions offered by the mine are at your fingertips. The Health Resort complex is part of an enormous labyrinth of chambers and galleries of the “Wieliczka” mine. That is why it might be worthwhile to use your free time to learn the secrets of the precious monument included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. 


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