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190th anniversary of the "Wieliczka" Salt Mine's Representative Brass Band


Added on: 14.12.2020

Wieliczka Salt Mine

The “Wieliczka” Salt Mine’s Representative Brass Band is one of the oldest brass bands in Europe. It began its artistic activity in 1830, at that time under the name of the Imperial and Royal Saline Music.

For 190 years of its existence, the band has performed in front of crowned heads and other distinguished guests. The miners’ band also played at important moments in Polish history, such as bringing the ashes of Adam Mickiewicz to Poland in 1890, the 500th anniversary of the Jagiellonian University in 1900, as well as the unveiling of the Grunwald Monument in 1910 and the ceremony of laying the foundation stone for the Kraków University of Mining and Metallurgy (AGH University of Science and Technology) in 1923. This tradition has been maintained up to the present. Today, the band also performs during official state, religious and mining celebrations, as well as providing the best musical setting for important events organised within the mine.

Since 2017, the band has again performed under the direction of Adam Czyżowski (who also carried out this function in 1997-2009). Thus we can say that the history of the salinary band has made an extraordinary circle... from Czyżowski to Czyżowski, as its first Kapellmeister was Franciszek Czyżowski. 

The band brings together experienced instrumentalists with many years of musical experience, and it is also a place where young musicians develop their talents. The youngest musician in the band is not yet 20 years old, while the oldest ones celebrated their 70th birthday many years ago. Stanisław Fiołek, a long-standing member, tubist as well as long-time president of the miners’ band has been working with the band for over half a century (since 1968). 

Nowadays, the band performs a variety of music: from classical music to marching and popular music. The versatility of the musicians allows them to reach not only for pieces written for wind instruments, but also to successfully take on Verdi, Bach, Schubert, Strauss or film music. 

You are welcome to check it out for yourself! We invite you to listen to fragments of the concert of the "Wieliczka" Salt Mine's Representative Brass Band recorded in 2018, 135 metres underground in the Haluszka Chamber. We are also looking forward to the next concerts, and we congratulate and thank all the musicians and wish them further artistic success! 


The "Wieliczka" Salt Mine's Representative Brass Band is celebrating its 190th anniversary!

On this occasion, we would like to present to you fragments of the concert recorded in 2018 in the Jan Haluszka Chamber, 135 metres underground. It is absolutely worth a listen!


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