Tour organisation

The Graduation Tower can be found in St Kinga's Park, in the vicinity of the Daniłowicz Shaft building, where visitors embark on their journey along the Tourist Route.

Duration of stay:
30 minutes is recommended

Minimum age:

Ticket sales

You can buy tickets at:

  • the Mine’s website
  • in ticket machines located at the entrance to the Graduation Tower and at the entrance to the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine, on the opposite side to the Daniłowicz shaft. Please note that the ticket machines only accept credit cards.

Detailed information about ticket prices and discounts can be found here.

Opening hours
The opening and touring times depend on the day you wish to visit the mine. 
You can check the details here.

Visiting the Graduation Tower is individual – without a guide.

Touring languages

Visiting the Graduation Tower is individual – without a guide.

Starting the tour
For greater comfort of all users of the graduation tower and due to the exceptional nature of the offer, visiting the graduation tower is individual in nature – it does not take place under the supervision of a guide and without the need to arrive at the meeting place at a specified time (during the opening hours of the facility).

The graduation tower is a building located on the surface, in the vicinity of the Daniłowicz Shaft, so you should dress accordingly to weather conditions. The Mine shall not be held liable for damage to or soiling of clothing, in particular caused by contact with brine.

You may bring only a small piece of hand luggage (with maximum dimensions of 20x20x35 centimetres) with you for your visit to the Graduation Tower. You may leave any larger luggage at our automated luggage lockers; however, please keep in mind that the number of lockers and their size are limited, which means that the availability of a suitable luggage locker cannot be guaranteed. Luggage storage is available free of charge during touring hours.

For detailed information on the operation of the luggage storage, please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

The Graduation Tower is located on the surface, in St Kinga’s Park, near the Grand Sal**** Hotel, where you can visit the restaurant.
At Bistro Posolone, located on the surface, right next to the Daniłowicz Shaft, you can choose from a wide range of salads, burgers, pasta, as well as drink delicious coffee and eat dessert.  

Note: The Mine operates in accordance with the current sanitary and epidemiological guidelines in force.


There are no toilets on the premises. The nearest toilets, which are available free of charge, can be found at the entrance to the car park at Dembowskiego 22 (approx. 100 metres away) or at the Daniłowicz Shaft Building (approx. 300 metres away).

The ATMs can be found on the premises of the Mine, near the Daniłowicz Shaft.
All catering and retail outlets in the Mine accept card payments.
Touring with children

The attraction has no age limits.
The ground floor area of the Graduation Tower can be accessed with a stroller.

Visitors with disabilities

The Graduation Tower is adapted for persons with limited mobility (ground floor), with the exception of the observation deck and the observation tower, which require climbing stairs.
Service animals may be brought into the Graduation Tower. 

On the route

Offer details

Visiting the graduation tower cleanses the respiratory tract, brings relaxation and leisure. It is recommended for allergy sufferers, residents of large agglomerations and people exposed to air pollution. A stay in the Graduation Tower improves your mood, provides additional energy for action.

*In exception cases, justified by safety or technical-organisational reasons, caused, among others, by weather conditions that make it impossible for people to remain on site (e.g. during a storm) or interfere with the technological process (especially during the winter period), it may be necessary to close the Graduation Tower or introduce other restrictions on staying on its premises.
Phone / Internet

During your stay in the Graduation Tower, you can use free Wi-Fi and use mobile phones.


During the tour, taking photos and filming is allowed.


Terms and conditions of touring

Detailed terms and conditions of touring the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine can be found here.


Smoking of tobacco and e-cigarettes is prohibited on the premises of the Graduation Tower; use of open fire is also prohibited.
Bringing bicycles into the graduation tower is prohibited; there are bike racks available at the entrance.
Bringing animals in is prohibited, with the exception of service animals.
We do not offer a facility where you can leave your pet.

Your safety. Our priority.
See how we ensure the safety of our visitors – you can find details HERE.
Safe graduation tower
Before entering the graduation tower, it is recommended to disinfect your hands – containers with disinfectant are available in designated locations.