Logotyp Kopalni Soli 'Wieliczka'

Lamp room

The miner’s pit token, the lamp, the carbon monoxide absorber – these are all necessary elements of equipment that miners pick up in the lamp room before they descend underground. Do you know what this equipment is for?

The pit token seems to be the most mysterious. A small piece of metal plate with an engraved number, yet it is difficult to imagine the operations of the Mine without it. It is an identifying mark, a kind of underground ID card, as well as an element of the security system. By monitoring which pit tokens are in the lamp room and which ones have been taken out, it is possible to check the presence of miners underground at any time. 

Outside the most frequented routes, the mine is not illuminated, so having your own source of light is a must. You should know that using ordinary electric torches is prohibited underground. Specially certified mining lamps can be attached to a helmet or handheld, they also have several useful options for lighting. In addition, each lamp is equipped with a GLON identification system – Mining Personal Location Transmitter – which makes it easier to find a miner in a crisis situation.

What if there was ever a fire in the Mine? The miners would use carbon monoxide absorbers to breathe freely during evacuation. Although such a hazard is highly unlikely, the law requires having this device when underground.

Good to know:

  • In the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine there is currently not one, but two lamp rooms.
  • The first one serves about 400 miners permanently working in the Mine.
  • The second is intended for tourists setting out on the Miners’ Route. 

See photos of the lamp room

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