Exhibitions set in salt

Subterranean landscapes intrigue with their austerity while ascetism of salty greys seduces with the uniqueness unrivalled by anything in the world. The historic mine is both a source of inspiration as well as a splendid setting for art. Not only does it host artists, but it frequently itself becomes the subject of exhibitions presented in Poland and abroad.

It is hard to dream of a better place where to expose works of art than the salty spaces. Against the grey background of the sidewalls, colours gain in intensity while shapes become more expressive. The saline interiors saw exhibitions of works of such artists as Ryszard Horowitz, Jerzy Skolimowski, Fred Lange, Teresa Wojna-Kenc, Stanley Eales, Konrad Pollesch, lecturers and students of Krakow’s Academy of Fine Arts. More and less famous painters, sculptors, photographers – they all without exception claim that the Wieliczka mine lends their works its exceptionality.

Światowe dziedzictwo


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