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The historic Wieliczka mine conceals extraordinary secrets within its interiors. Wonderful sculptures, underground lakes and chambers enchant visitors with their unique beauty. Remember, however, that all this is situated deep under the earth’s surface.

Although the visits to the saline undergrounds are always supervised by a tour guide, it is worth to read a few rules for visitors. Knowing them will allow guests to feel more comfortable and safe during their journey in the mine. Setting out for the Tourist Route, please know that:

The pleasant trip along the Tourist Route of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine may be continued with a visit to the underground Krakow Saltworks Museum (with the same admission ticket as the Tourist Route visit). Thus the traveller will have to walk approximately 3.5 kilometres and the whole trip, including visiting the underground museum, lasts about 3 hours. This duration may vary.

Tours of the mine take place exclusively under the supervision of a tour guide. Tour guides speaking in various foreign languages are available to non-Polish speaking groups.

Although the wonderful sights of the saline chambers may raise your temperature, please remember that it is quite cool in the mine (between 14° C and 16° C). Make sure to take warmer clothing even in summer.

Make sure to wear comfortable shoes, as well. The journey begins with a descent down the Danilowicz Shaft to Level I of the mine. It is situated 64 m underground, thus the visitors have to walk down 380 stairs. The next levels lead the tour participants even deeper, i.e. 135 m underground. There are 800 steps along the whole route. After a short respite, visitors go up to the surface in a mining elevator.

There are many conveniences for tourists along the route. Toilet facilities are situated on the surface, next to the shaft as well as underground after approx. 40 and 90 minutes of the visit. 

There is a cash machine outside the mine, and the ticket offices and many shops, situated on the surface or along the tourist route, accept payment by American Express, VISA, Mastercard, VISA Electron and Maestro cards. There is a foreign currency exchange office within the Danilowicz Shaft open all year round from 9.00 am to 5 pm. Wisla and Warszawa chambers have internet access via a WiFi connection. You can call from your mobile telephones in these two chambers as well as in the Miner’s Tavern.

Taking photographs requires a special permit which may be purchased in the ticket office or during the visit itself. The permit price is PLN 10.

It is absolutely prohibited to use open fire in the mine. It is also forbidden to smoke tobacco products and use electric torches.

Animals are not allowed in the mine. Also, there are no designated areas outside the mine where pets could wait for their owners.

Wieliczka is open to children of all ages. Moreover, children younger than 4 years of age are entitled to free admission. For families visitng Wieliczka, we have also prepared conveniences: a baby changing table and kiddie chairs in the Miner’s Tavern. Due to a large number of stairs, it is not recommended to use strollers in the mine.

The most beautiful fragment of the Tourist Route is adapted for wheelchair users. They will be taken there in the mining lift, which can accommodate a standard wheelchair with a maximum width of 59 cm. For tourists who cannot move independently, there are organised tours (in Polish or English), year-round, at 9 am and at 5 p.m. Additionally, starting on 2 January 2019, at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., there will be a possibility to tour the exhibition of the Cracow Saltworks Museum (level III). Wheelchair users and persons with mobility problems should make a reservation in advance. We invite you to contact the Tourist Service Centre or to fill in the online form.

For convenience reasons, tourists may leave their luggage for the time of their visit in the mine in a left-luggage office situated by the information point. 1. Bringing luggage to the mine is not allowed with the exception of hand baggage. Hand baggage is considered to be luggage of maximum dimensions 35cm x 20cm x 20cm. Larger backpacks, bags, suitcases should be left in coaches and cars or taken to the luggage room located in the area of descending into the mine.

In rare situations some chambers along the Tourist Route may be closed for visitors.

The Tourist Route is very beautiful and picturesque. However, it is worth emphasising that it constitutes only a small portion of the whole underground world of the saline excavations. The salt mine consists of almost 2,400 chambers connected with corridors 245 km long in total. All this is situated on nine levels at the depth ranging from 64 to 327 metres.

It is not difficult to get lost! That is why the mine’s tour guides and staff make sure that all the rules are followed. The mine’s more unusual inhabitants, whom you can meet wandering along the saline corridors, are quite sensitive about following these rules.

Please remember!


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