Słowacki Chamber

Spending the night in an authentic salt chamber will bring you unforgettable emotions. Everything is completely different underground, time passes more slowly, the air is clean and saturated with minerals, you can quiet down, regain your balance and discover the secrets of underground Wieliczka.

We offer overnight accommodation in the Słowacki Chamber on Level III of the Mine. The accommodation complex consists of a recreational area (where you can relax, play dexterity games or read a book) and an accommodation area, with 48 comfortable beds. Spacious bathrooms are also at the guests’ disposal.

The package includes:

  • an overnight stay underground
  • Tourist Route tour in Polish
  • dinner and breakfast in the underground restaurant

Stay itinerary:

Day I

  • Tourist Route tour in Polish
  • descent in a lift to Level III of the Mine
  • dinner
  • overnight stay in the accommodation complex

Day II

  • breakfast
  • lift ride out of the Mine

Good to know:

  • The package is available on:
    - every Friday and Saturday in July and August
  • Earlier reservation is required:
  • The package includes: dinner on the day of arrival, an overnight stay underground, breakfast and a tour of the Tourist Route with a Polish-speaking guide.
  • The package is available for children over 4 years of age.
  • The temperature in the accommodation complex is 17–18°C.
  • We reserve the right to change/revoke the booking date for reasons beyond our control.
  • Bed linens are included in the price of the package.

Check the price list of the offer here.

Eastern Mountain Stables Chamber

The Eastern Mountain Stables Chamber is an authentic stable, in which horses, working hard in the excavations of the Wieliczka Salt Mine, were still housed in the 20th century. Today, tourists and visitors who want to experience a peaceful and comfortable sleep in the healing microclimate of salt workings are invited to this unique place.

In order to take advantage of the accommodation in the Eastern Mountains Stables Chamber, it is necessary to purchase the Healthy Dream offer, available at the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine Health Resort. 

Good to know:

  • The offer is addressed to individual or group tourists.
  • Available places – 28 (14 double boxes, single beds).
  • The overnight stay is available to visitors 4 years or older. Children stay only under the supervision of an adult guardian, who also buys the accommodation underground.
  • Guest assembly: 7:10 p.m. at the Regis Shaft (entrance from the fountain side); return to the surface: 7:25 a.m.
  • Distance to the Eastern Mountains Stables Chamber from the Regis Shaft pit – approx. 700 m.
  • The temperature inside the Eastern Mountain Stables Chamber is about 13–14.5°C.
  • Guests should bring warm sports clothes and comfortable shoes, a second pair for a change and a sleeping bag. We recommend bringing your own provisions.
  • There is an absolute ban on smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • An advance booking of the selected accommodation is required, the confirmation of the booking is the payment of a deposit. Non-refundable offer.
  • The reservation is made by the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine Health Resort –, +48 12 278 75 12.

Check the price list of the offer here.