Information about the stay

Required tests

On the first day of your stay you should provide current results of the following tests:

  • urine, complete blood count (valid for 1 month)
  • Chest X-ray (valid for 2 years)
  • ECG (valid for 3 months)
Indications for treatment

  • bronchial asthma
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • recurrent diseases of the nose, sinuses, throat and larynx
  • chronic bronchitis and pneumonia
  • allergic diseases
Contraindications to health resort stays

  • active cancer or history of cancer before the end of the 5-year remission period
  • primary or secondary immunodeficiencies
  • infectious diseases in the clinical, acute and chronic stage (being a carrier is not a contraindication)
  • serious damage to the locomotor system which prevents independent movement
  • severe respiratory and circulatory insufficiency limiting ability to a sedentary lifestyle
  • increased intracranial pressure, e.g. in the course of infectious diseases, injuries
  • recent (up to 6 months) surgical procedure or trauma to the chest, abdomen, face, brain or eye area
  • recent (up to 6 months) history of myocardial infarction or stroke
  • aneurysms of cerebral vessels and aorta
  • severe valvular defects of the heart
  • diagnosed cardiac arrhythmias with risk of loss of consciousness
  • unregulated hypertension, purpura
  • mental illness, especially claustrophobia
  • rheumatic diseases that involve the skeletal and joint system
  • epilepsy in the form of focal seizures with loss of consciousness and focal seizures in the form of tonic-clonic seizures on both sides
  • pregnancy

By deciding to accept the offer, you declare that you have become acquainted with the contraindications to stay in the salt workings of the Mine.

Conditions underground

  • the temperature underground is around 13–14.5°C
  • the air humidity is approx. 60–75%
  • the high humidity makes the temperature feel much lower
What to bring?

  • Comfortable sportswear and a change of footwear
  • When going underground, it is best to dress in layers, because the temperature in the Health Resort is about 13–14.5°C
  • Your own provisions: snacks, coffee and tea and a cup, as well as a plate and cutlery

You should also bring with you:

  • ID
  • a list of the medications you are taking
  • information about hospital treatment and surgical procedures (discharge information – for consultation)
  • information on allergies (if any)
  • a set of current test results (photocopies which will be included in the Health Resort’s medical documentation)
Assembly point

Descents into the underground workings of the Health Resort take place via the Regis Shaft, pl. Kościuszki 9, in the centre of Wieliczka, entrance from the side of the fountain.

Stays with children

Children up to the age of 16 may enter the Mine only in the company of an adult guardian. 
An adult taking part in a rehabilitation or treatment stay may also be the guardian of a child up to 16 years of age.

Additional services

For an additional fee, you can take advantage of:

  • accommodation at the Grand Sal Hotel****, located on the premises of the Mine
  • dinners at the Grand Sal Hotel**** restaurant and lunch packages
  • booked transport from the Main Railway Station in Kraków or the Kraków-Balice Airport in both directions.