Useful information

Types of events

In the underground and surface facilities of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine, you can organise various types of events, such as trainings, conferences, conventions, business meetings, as well as integration events, family and special celebrations – weddings, wedding receptions and baptisms.

Event catalogue

We have prepared an “Events” catalogue, where you will find the most important information about our offer. The brochure is available for download here.

Cost estimates

The estimate depends on the details of the event and is prepared individually. Contact the Event Organisation Department for a detailed cost estimate.

Sound systems

Each underground chamber is equipped with a sound system, which can be used during the event.


Stages are available in the two largest underground event chambers, Warszawa and Haluszka I, which often host artistic events.

Dressing room

The Warszawa Chamber has a dressing room where the performers can prepare for the performance.

Conditions underground

  • The temperature underground is around 17–18°C.
  • To ensure the comfort of event participants, all chambers and corridors are well lit.
  • Event participants do not receive mining equipment, including helmets.
Descent underground

The visitors coming to attend events organised underground, who do not tour the Tourist Route, get to the Mine via the elevator located in the Regis Shaft. If a tour of the mine is planned before the start of the event, the guests go underground via the stairs of the Paderewski Schaft down to level I.

Catering services

  • The mine can provide catering services for any organised event.
  • Meals are prepared on site, exclusively from fresh ingredients and with the utmost care for quality.
  • Each underground chamber has its own catering facilities.

You can arrange accommodations for your guests underground or on the surface in comfortable rooms of the Grand Sal**** Hotel.


Open flames, electric torches, smoking cigarettes (including e-cigarettes) are prohibited in the mine.