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Added on: 05.01.2021

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Wieliczka brine not only works perfectly as a healing mineral water in the graduation tower but is also a valuable ingredient in cosmetics. It is worth testing it in this role, as encouraged by the DermicSalt product line. 

Thousands of years ago, Egyptian queens used the beautifying properties of salt. If you doubt its power, you only need to look at Nefertiti’s famous bust to be sure there is something to salt after all. Salt and brine are also an important raw material from which medicinal and upkeep formulations are made in modern cosmetic laboratories.

Natural brine from Wieliczka is an ingredient of DermicSalt cosmetics, marked with the mine’s logo. The minerals contained in the brine are a beneficial cocktail that makes skin healthier and more beautiful. Wieliczka brine received a certificate of mineral healing water issued by the National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene. The healing brine comes from a depth of over 200 metres. The water was subjected to physicochemical, microbiological and isotopic tests and analyses.  The specific component that gives it its healing properties is mineralisation.

The brine from the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine has a beneficial effect on the skin – it accumulates on it creating a so-called “salt coat”, stimulates biochemical processes taking place in the skin and improves blood supply. Salt baths are recommended in rheumatic and degenerative diseases of the locomotive system, in post-traumatic states of bones and joints. The salt deposited in the epidermis stimulates the functioning of the autonomic nervous system, and thus many internal organs. 


Brine & Minerals

Among DermicSalt cosmetics you will find mineral, odourless products of the highest quality for face and body care:

  • Anti-ageing massage gel. Perfectly moisturises, smooths and nourishes the skin. Contains vitamin E, almond, grape, macadamia and avocado oils.
  • Face and body care mist with brine. Refreshes, stimulates biochemical processes in the skin and provides care. Contains brine and hyaluronic acid.
  • Liquid soap with brine. Extremely gentle on the skin, smooths and nourishes. Contains brine and hyaluronic acid.
  • Body scrub with brine. A mixture of salt, sugar and brine from Wieliczka. Perfectly smooths the skin, gently exfoliates dead epidermis leaving the skin smooth, clean and beautiful.
  • Revitalising cream with brine. Comfortable moisturising and nourishing cream. Contains brine, shea butter, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.
  • Special warming emulsion. Stimulates microcirculation, provides a pleasant warming effect. Contains brine, arnica extract and rosemary oil.
  • Special cooling emulsion. Prevents swelling, removes fatigue, relaxes. Contains brine, chestnut extract and calendula.

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You will also find other collections of salts, shower gels, scrubs, soaps and bath bombs in many fruit and floral scents. All compositions delight with the richness of aromas and valuable ingredients that perfectly affect the well-being and excellent appearance of the skin. 







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