Logotyp Kopalni Soli 'Wieliczka'

Pithead Waiting Room

Walking along the Miners’ Route, you can see the mine from the perspective of people working underground. However, there are several places on the surface that are inaccessible to visitors, without which the Mine would not be able to operate on a regular basis. They include the waiting room in the pithead building, also known as a chain cloakroom. Miners change their clothes here before and after work. The clothes are hung on hooks and then pulled up to the ceiling, to a height of about 6 meters.

Why does the cloakroom look like this? Because it saves a lot of space. When the clothes are hung up in the air, a briefing can be arranged at the bottom before the shift begins.

The waiting room is a place vibrating with strong, masculine energy. There is a good atmosphere here, conducive to the integration of the team. This is particularly important because the work of miners is considered to be dangerous, and if there is an accident underground, mutual trust can be as important as appropriate clothing and equipment.

Good to know:

  • The waiting room can be found in the buildings located on the surface of the Mine, close to St Kinga’s Shaft.
  • It is a miners’ cloakroom, where clothes are suspended from the ceiling on hooks and chains.
  • The waiting room is also called a chain cloakroom.

See photos of the cloakroom

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