Rules for visitors - Group Adventure

The programs are intended for organised groups (from companies and institutions) as well as groups of friends or acquaintances, etc.

The visits to the Wieliczka undergrounds are always supervised by a tour guide.

It is necessary to make a prior reservation of a selected program.

Visit durations vary depending on the selected offer. The estimated time of visit duration is given in the descriptions of individual programs.

The visit may be supplemented with additional attractions (underground: a meal is a saline chamber; crossing a saline like in a ferryboat; meeting with the Treasurer – the Good Spirit of the undergrounds; a rest in an underground spa; a overnight stay in the mine in the Slowacki Chamber, and on the surface: a meal in the 4-star Grand Sal Hotel; treatments in the rehabilitation and healing centre and biological regeneration in the “Salt Mill”; an overnight stay in the “Salt Mill” Guest Rooms or in the rooms of the 4-star Grand Sal Hotel). Groups interested in the above attractions are required to notify this during reservation.

The temperature in the mine ranges between 14° and 16° C. That is why you need to make sure to take warmer clothing with you even in summer. When preparing for your visit, please remember to wear comfortable shoes.

To enter the mine, visitors descend the stairs to the depth of 64 m, and to exit the mine, the elevator takes them up from the depth of 135 m. While visiting the mine, there are also some stairs to go down between individual levels.

Toilet facilities are situated on the surface, next to the Danilowicz Shaft as well as underground. Toilet facilities within the area of the mine are free-of-charge.

It is prohibited to smoke tobacco products in the mine. It is also forbidden to use open fire and electric torches.

Convenient parking lots for passenger cars and coaches are situated near the mine. They are only a few minutes away from the mine on foot.


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