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We would like to inform you that the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine will remain closed to visitors from 20.03 up to and including 25.04.2021.Read more >>

Tourist Route The “Wieliczka” Salt Mine

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Discover the secrets of the underground world

Choose the Tourist Route if you want to discover the secrets hidden deep underground. Check out what the Wieliczka Mine has to offer to millions of visitors from all over the world.

On the Tourist Route

  • You will admire landscapes that can’t be found on the surface: as saline lakes and beautiful underground chambers, including the unique St Kinga’s Chapel.

  • You will learn about old mining tools and machines and the methods of salt extraction and transport used in the past.

  • The tour is available for people of all ages and does not require above-average physical condition, but it is worth bearing in mind that there are more than 800 steps to climb.

Tourist Route by the numbers:

2 h
average tour time (including the exhibition of the Cracow Saltworks Museum)
the temperature underground
3,5 km
route length
135 m
the depth you will reach

The Route in the structure of the Mine

Visitors descend approx. 380 steps to level I (64 m) to enter the Mine.
The return to the surface is by lift from Level III (135 m).

  • Mikołaj Daniłowicz Shaft
  • Level I Bono – 64 m
  • Level II upper – 90 m
  • Level II lower – 110 m
  • Level III – 135 m

Ways of visiting the Tourist Route

  • Individual tourist

    You take part in the tour in the company of other individual tourists, the Mine is responsible for assembling a group.

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  • Organised group

    You are a member of a large group and are planning to go on the tour together. You are a tour operator.


Useful information

Starting point:
Daniłowicz Shaft

approx. 2 hours

Number of stairs to climb:
about 800


Group size:
max. 20 people

The tour always takes place under the supervision of a guide
The tour is available in Polish and selected other languages. You can find out more at: here.
The maximum waiting time for assembly for Polish-speaking groups is 60 minutes. Tours for groups in other languages take place at specific times.
Tours are available for people of all ages, children up to 4 years of age receive free admission. Details can be found in the Tourist Route price list.
You can take an umbrella stroller (folding) on the trail, but remember that there is a large number of stairs to climb on the way (about 800) and there is no place underground where you can leave the stroller. A good solution may be to take a carrier or a sling.

Open flames, electric torches, smoking cigarettes (including e-cigarettes) are prohibited in the mine.

The maximum dimensions of hand luggage which can be brought on the tour is 35cm x 20cm x 20cm. Please leave your larger luggage in the storage room, which is located on the surface near the Daniłowicz Shaft.

Your temperature will be taken before you enter the Mine. Thanks to these actions, we ensure your safety and that of other visitors. Please cover your mouth and nose with protective masks and disinfect your hands. You can find more information about the safety policy HERE.

Some of the underground excavations are adapted for persons not moving independently. In order to take advantage of the opportunity to visit this part of the mine, please contact the Reservation Department, by writing an e-mail to the following address: rezerwacja@kopalnia.pl
You can take an assistance dog or a guide for blind and visually impaired people to the mine. 

Check the tour times, tour languages and prices.
The Tourist Route Terms and Conditions can be found here.
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