Please take some time to read about the types of offered services specially prepared for our guests visiting underground routes and their descriptions.

This will allow you to select and plan the most convenient for you trip to the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine.

Individual Tourist

  • No earlier reservations necessary.
  • Visits are organized with other tourists on the spot. The standard group entering the mine consists of 35 persons.
  • A guide always supervises the whole group visiting the mine.
  • Do not book any specific date of your visit. Tickets can be bought on the spot.
  • You will not have to wait longer than 1 hour from after purchising of ticket to enter the mine with a Polish group.
  • Foreigners can take advantage of foreign language tours, which begin at specific hours.
  • Tickets can be bought in advance at the mine or in Krakow
  • You can also buy tickets for a specified visiting hour via Internet
  • You can eat a meal on the surface at the Grand Sal Restaurant or underground at the Miners’ Tavern.

Group Tourist

  • Earlier reservations are necessary.
  • Visits are organized in groups.
  • The selected guide will supervise only your group during the visit in the language selected by you
  • Declare in advance the date and hour of your visit which is most convenient for you.
  • Information about available visiting dates and hours is accessible after filling out the on-line form
  • Everything can be prearranged via e-mail or by phone
  • You can book meals for the whole group at the Miners’ Tavern situated 125 metres underground. 

Have a Great Tour!

Światowe dziedzictwo


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