Since 1945 till today the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine has been visited by already 44 772 693 tourists. More guests are probably on their way.

45 miliona turystów

Following the results of the plebiscite organized by the daily newspaper “Rzeczypospolita”, in 2007 the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine was recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the Poland obtaining at the same time the highest number of votes.

Kopalnia Soli Wieliczka w plebistycie

The deepest lake along the Tourist Route measures 9 meters in depth at its lowest point. In 2004 it occurred that this saline lake located 104 meters underground is a perfect spot for windsurfing. The multiple medalist, World Champion and European Champion, Mateusz Kusznierewicz, sailed across the lake receiving tremendous support from his cheering fans and an enormous air-blower.

Jezioro na trasie Turystycznej

The largest statue along the Tourist Route weighs 15 tonnes, i.e. the combined weight of 3 elephants standing on top of each other.

Rzeźba na trasie Turystycznej

The Chapel of St. Kinga possesses perfect acoustic properties. Nigel Kennedy and the Blackmore’s Night performed in the chapel as well as many others.

Akustyka w Kaplicy Św. Kingi

The one and only underground church in Europe is situated in the mine where visitors can see the underground statue of John Paul II. This unique rock salt statue is located 101 meters below ground level in the Chapel of St. Kinga.

Kościół w podziemiach

The largest excavation accessible to tourists is the Stanislaw Staszic Chamber. The chamber measures 36 m in height and has become a part of the history of extreme sports, aviation and it is also mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records. A very exciting event took place here – the first Underground Balloon Flight. Bungee jumping was also practiced.

Komora Stanisława Staszica

The income generated by the Krakow Saltworks and from selling salt was a huge capital injection for the country during the times of King Casimir the Great. It covered 1/3 of the state treasury income.

Dochody z Żup Krakowskich

The Wieliczka deposit lies within a surface area of 7 square kilometres. At the beginning of the 20th century the city of Krakow was located on the same surface area.

Kraków na początku XX wieku

The mine contains 9 levels and reaches 327 metres underground. The Eiffel Tower would just about fit into the mine with 3 metres still to spare.

Wieża Eiffla

Almost 7.5 million cu. m. of deposit was excavated from within the mine during its history. This volume of soil could build as many as 3 pyramids similar in size to the Pyramid of Cheops!

Piramida Cheopsa
Światowe dziedzictwo


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