Eating underground - Tourist Route

It is quite possible that many of us would probably satisfy the appetites for adventure and the desires for experiences while travelling along the saline corridors. We remember the sounds heard and the images recorded during the trip what can most probably whet any person’s appetite. The passion to discover something new is satisfied by the beauty of colours and completely different scents. Feel the exceptional taste while travelling through the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine.

A bar in the Drozdowice Chamber awaits guests travelling the underground routes and the excellent Miners’ Tavern in the Budryk Chamber. Polish cuisine specialities served 125 metres underground acquire an exceptional depth of taste. Dishes seasoned with Wieliczka salt will open completely new culinary horizons to our guests.

Worth knowing

  • Both individual and group tourists are most welcome to try out the specialties of Wieliczka chefs served underground
  • Any group making reservations for visiting the mine can also choose and order a set lunch, which will be served at the requested time

Kopalnia Soli "Wieliczka"

The salt from the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine has been awarded the Małopolska Culinary Certificate



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