Eating underground - Group Adventure

Sometimes it is worth the while to descend into the depth of the undergrounds to feel the delicious beyond imagining taste, literally! The dishes served in the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine possess a genuinely rich taste. A celebrated meal served in one of the underground chambers within an interior nowhere else to be found, within a saline setting, acquires a special and exclusive character.

Group Adventure guests visiting the mine can order a delicious meal or organize a reception dinner in one of the underground chambers. The mine offers a wide variety of traditional Polish dishes, European dishes as well as specially prepared authentic chef dishes, excellent desserts and appetizers. The mine also provides a full selection of wines and spirits from all over the world.

The meals are prepared on the spot in the underground kitchens using only fresh products of the highest quality. Dining experience at the highest level is guaranteed by excellent and well qualified service. The cooks at the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine are genuine passionados devoted to cooking, distinguished winners of many prestigious gastronomic competitions, such as the Primerba Cup or the Malopolska Festival of Tastes.

Worth knowing

  • Meals can be ordered at the end of the Group Adventure trip - lunch, dinner, refreshments, tastings or receptions in one of the underground chambers.
  • Each chamber is provided with its separate catering facilities. The meals are prepared on the spot in the underground kitchens.
  • You can take advantage of already prepared menus or order specialty prepared dishes of your choice composed especially for a given occasion by the Wieliczka cooks.
  • The menue depends on the number of guests. A small number (up to 30 persons) shall be hosted at the Jan Haluszka II Chamber. Larger groups are served in the chambers Warszawa, Jan Haluszka, Drozdowice IV and Drozdowice III.
  • Guests are also very welcome to dine in the underground Miners’ Tavern.Unique receptions in the form of traditional miners’ revels are offered at the Miners’ Pub.
  • All offers are priced individually.

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Starters Soups
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17,00 zł 10,00 zł
19,00 zł 10,00 zł
Main courses Side dishes
13,00 zł 1,00 zł
14,00 zł 5,00 zł
14,00 zł 5,00 zł
15,00 zł 6,00 zł
15,00 zł 6,00 zł
16,00 zł 6,00 zł
16,00 zł 7,00 zł
18,00 zł 7,00 zł
26,00 zł 7,00 zł
16,00 zł 8,00 zł
18,00 zł   
Desserts Beverages
8,00 zł 4,50 zł
7,00 zł 7,00 zł
8,00 zł 7,00 zł
8,00 zł 5,00 zł
8,00 zł 5,00 zł
9,00 zł   
7,00 zł   
7,00 zł   
7,00 zł   
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