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The “God Bless” Pilgrims’ Route The “Wieliczka” Salt Mine

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The deep faith of miners

Time to set out on a trip along the religious route of the Wieliczka Mine.
Here, faith gives you strength for every step.
You will see sacral sculptures carved in salt, unique views,
beautiful chambers, and among them the most magnificent – St Kinga’s Chapel.

On the “God Bless” Pilgrims’ Route:

  • Underground, there are places of worship that have been created over the centuries from the great need of the heart. Places where prayers were quietly recited and places where religious celebrations are still being held.

  • A mass celebrated in an underground chapel can be a deep spiritual experience and a kind of culmination to the journey.

The Pilgrims’ Route by the numbers:

2 h
approximate duration of the tour
17-18 ºC
the temperature underground
ar. 2,5 km
route length
135 m
the depth the group will reach

Many people believe that the inexhaustible strength of the miners could have come from their sincere and fervent faith. More than 40 places of religious worship, which were built in the Wieliczka underground, are a phenomenon on a global scale and something that has never happened anywhere else.



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Ways of touring the Mine:

  • Individual tourist

    You take part in the tour in the company of other individual tourists, the Mine is responsible for assembling a group.

  • Organised group

    If you are a member of a large group and are planning to go on the tour together. You are a tour operator.

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Informacje praktyczne

Starting point:
Daniłowicz Shaft

approx. 2 hours

Number of stairs to climb:
about 800


Group size:  
min. 10 max. 20 people
The route leads through the workings of the Tourist Route, you can see here the underground Sanctuary of St Kinga’s Chapel, where you can see a salt statue of the Holy Father John Paul II and a bas-relief copy of The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci.
The tour always takes place under the supervision of an experienced guide. The tour is available in Polish and selected other languages. You can find out more at: here.

Organised groups are eligible for a 10% discount on standard and discount tickets. For information on free admission and discounts for schoolchildren, please see the Tourist Route price list.

Organised groups are required to book the date and time of the visit in advance. If you want to ask about a reservation – fill in the form here.

If a clergyman is present in a group, it is possible to organise a holy mass. Please provide this information when booking a sightseeing tour.

Open flames, electric torches, smoking cigarettes (including e-cigarettes) are prohibited in the mine.
The Tourist Route Terms and Conditions can be found here.

The maximum dimensions of hand luggage which can be brought on the tour is 35cm x 20cm x 20cm. Please leave your larger luggage in the storage room, which is located on the surface near the Daniłowicz Shaft.

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